For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord...

    Completed renovation/addition 2014Welcome to Clive Baptist Church.

    Family walking with families to share the restored life we have found in Christ, througout the Clive region and the least reached regions of the world.  

    We are located at 4716- 50 Street Clive, Alberta.
    Please take a look at what we are about at Clive Baptist Church and feel free to contact us or stop in and see us!

    Sunday Services :

    Celebrating 100 Years of Ministry 1923-2023.

    Morning Worship Service 11am.

    Sunday School 10am.

    Check out our "Moment of Truth" on Shine FM by Pastor Jamie Veitch

    Moment of Truth - 90.5 ShineFM (

    Stay connected with our Director of Youth Ministries, Amanda Scott, by visiting the Clive Baptist Youth Facebook Page.

    Our Church has a subscription with RightNow Media. If you would like to join, please click on the following link to setup a login and password.

    If you would like to drop off a cheque, please do so during office hours, or mail in a cheque to PO Box 7, Clive, T0C 0Y0.  We accept donations by E-Transfer.  If you would like to donate this way, please go to the Donations page for further instructions.

    New Audio Enhancement System:

    Our church is now offering this service for those using hearing aids. Please download the audiofetch app on your smart phone or tablet. Connect your WiFi to the AudioFetchExpress network.


    Looking for more information about our village? Check out the Village of Clive website here!

    Verse of the Week:

    Isaiah 48:12

    "Listen to me, O Jacob, Israel, whom I have called: I am he. I am the first and I am the last."

    On Your Radar:  

    • Youth December 1st Bible Study/Games 7pm
    • Babes and Bites. December 2nd at 7pm. RSVP event.
    • Men and Women in Ministry Study on December 3rd at 7pm

    Please contact our pastors directly at any time.

    Senior Pastor Jamie Veitch
    Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00am-1:30pm. 

    Associate Pastor James Crosina
    Office Hours: Monday - Wenesday  9:00am-1:30pm. Thursday afternoons for visitation. 

    Admin & Treasurer: Dee-Anna Gunsch
    403-784-3335 or 403-391-8497

    email: or
    Office Hours: Tuesdays to Thursdays 8:30-2:30.

    Admin Assistant: Charlotte Kristianson
    Office Hours: Wednesdays 9:00am to 2:30pm.
    Director of Youth Ministries: Amanda Scott
    In office Tuesdays 9am to 3pm.  Available by cell and email. 

    Upcoming Events


    • November 29th: Broom Tree Kitchen use 6pm
    • November 30th: Playschool 9am
    • November 30th: Worship Practice 7pm
    • December 1st: Youth Group 7pm
    • December 2nd: Babes and Bites  7pm
    • December 3rd: Sunday School 10am
    • December 3rd: Worship Service 11am
    • December 3rd: Men and Women in Ministry 7pm
    • December 4th: Genesis Process 6:15pm
    • December 5th: Playschool 9am
    • December 5th: Guitar Club 7pm
    • December 6th: Playgroup 9:30am
    • December 6th: Senior Youth Night 7pm
    • December 6th: Broomtree Kitchen Use 6pm
    • December 6th: Elders Meeting 7pm
    • December 7th: Playschool 9am
    • December 7th: Worship Practice 7pm
    • December 8th: Youth Group 7pm
    • December 10th: Sunday School 10am
    • December 10th: Worship Service 11am
    • December 10th: Men & Women in Ministry 7pm
    • December 11th: Motor Time 12:30pm
    • December 11th: Genesis Process 6:15pm
    • December 12th: Playschol 9am
    • December 12th: Guitar Club 6:15pm
    • December 13th: Playgroup 9:30am
    • December 13th: BroomTree Kitchen Use 6pm
    • December 14th: Playschool 9am
    • December 14th: Worship Practice 7pm
    • December 14th: Trustee Meeting 7:30pm
    • December 17th: Sunday School 10am
    • December 17th: Worship Service 11am
    • December 17th: Candlelight service 6pm
    • December 18th: Genesis Process 6:15pm
    • December 19th: Playschool 9am
    • December 19th: Guitar Club 7pm
    • December 20th: Playgroup 9:30am
    • December 20th: BroomTree Kitchen Use 6pm
    • December 20th: Church Wide Prayer 7pm
    • December 20th: SENIOR Youth Night 7pm
    • December 21st: Playschool 9am
    • December 21st: Worship Practice 7pm
    • December 24th: Sunday Worship Service 11am
    • December 26th: OFFICE CLOSED
    • December 27th: OFFICE OPEN 9am-12pm
    • December 28th: OFFICE CLOSED
    • December 29th: OFFICE CLOSED
    • December 30th: Church Booking 3:30-9pm
    • December 31st: Sunday Worship Service 11am