Clive Baptist Church

    Youth Mission Trip - Maya Yucatan

    Youth Mission Trip in Spring 2019


    Youth are headed to the DCI Mission Base in Mayan Yucatan 

    The DCI mission base is located in the centre of the Yucatan in a city called Tizimin.  The base has room and board for 65 people at a time.  Check out the information on the DCI Blog at:

    Tom and Amanda Scott are our Youth Leaders and will both be attending the trip.  If you have any questions for them or would like more information please contact them at 403-783-3252 or by email:

    Please keep our 2019 Mission Team and Leaders in your prayers as they Fundraise and Prepare for their trip.

    Our 2019 Mission Team:

    Tom Scott, Amanda Scott, Jamie Veitch, Jamie Tees, Delaney Fellhauer, Charlotte Kristianson, Suzanne Allan

    Our Youth: 

    Alex Williams, Jared Bushman, Brett Meldrum, Aden Grose, Noah Perry, Jan Torres, Cole Tees, Tanner Tees, Joel Ronald, Madison Gunsch, Abbi Hulleman, Macey Bushman, Emma Scott, Kaylee Meldrum, Skylar Sutton, Lily Scott, Emily Kritianson, Gemma Blomgren, Hannah Blomgren, Shyanne Grant, Faith Grant, Irish Torres, Shena Torres, Taylor Gateman, Jenna Dersksen, Megan Engel, Taylor Tees, Darci Rauhala, Hailey Henry.