Clive Baptist Church

    Junior World Changers
    smiling kids

    Starting September 19, 2019 every Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm.
    Youth Grades 3-6.  Please speak to Pastor Ricky if you are able to assist him with Jr. World Changers program for 2019/2020 year. 

    Hey Kids! There is a new program created just for you. We need you to come on out and bring your friends.

    We will be doing a number of cool things like:

    1. Games: we will spend time playing some games together.
    2. Music: we will have fun playing and singing together.
    3. Leadership Skills: these will be both inside and outside skills; like camping, cooking, working in teams to make life choices for good outcomes.
    4. Missions: we will be looking at helping various peoples around the world.
    5. Shares: Each week we will be taking the opportunity to collect coins and help a child in need through Compassion Canada.
    6. Our Faith Walk: we will spend time learning about faith in Jesus and what that means for my life.

     For more information, contact Pastor Rick at 403-877-6469.