Clive Baptist Church

    Celebrating God's Story

      Grand Opening
    A Word From Pastor Ron

    Thank you for joining us as we celebrate what God is doing in Clive Community.

    This is a congruent moment; the past and the future overlap. We draw on a rich heritage of faith from our forefathers and we have a vision that God will call to himself many more.

    A church must renew itself every generation or it will soon die. Children need their sins forgiven and to know the Father. Young men and women need to become spiritually strong, with the Word living in their hearts, so that they might battle Satan and claim their place among the faithful. The seniors among us must continue to know Christ who was from the beginning but who now calls us to tomorrow.

    We believe God is renewing us for the next generation This expanded building is but an expression of our confidence that we have a future and a hope. As we have grown, about every 30 years we have expanded our space.

    The Church, Ecclesia, is an assembly of people; 'called out ones.' What we are really building here is a spiritual house or a living temple. This physical house will crumble; the spiritual house will live on.

    'Called ones' are called to 'Share in His own glory and goodness' - with community, neighbours and family. We assemble and disperse, gather and scatter, to share the life, the light, and the love of God.

    Today as we stand at the confluence of this moment, we remember our past and we seek God's future. And we invite you to renew your faith and drink deeply of the water of God's life for you.

    Building/Reno Progress

      Building Project 2013

    A Word From the Building Committee Chair Denver Polson
    The expansion started with a vision from the Lord over 7 years ago. Beginning steps were taken in 2007 where rough preliminary drawings were done up in accordance to a list compiled by the church body. The church took another step in 2010 and formed a building committee. November 23, 2010 was our first meeting. We have had roughly 38 meetings since that date...meeting with each other, with the elders, with other churches, with architects, project managers, interior designers, etc. Our original prints went to tender....but the pricing that came back was beyond our means, and was aclear answer from the Lord to move in a different direction. That different direction was to hire a project manager...and start the drawing process over again.

    We believe that the expansion and renovation is very adequate. What truly is the most exciting thing is that God will use it for His purpose. 1 Corinthians 3:7 "So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who causes the growth."

    Personally, I have experienced and witnessed wonderful growth in relationships, patience, humility, surrender and love through this process. I also personally want to write a thank you to the fellow members of the committee, all of our elders, volunteers and project manager. All in all, just a wonderful group of people, with wonderful gifts from the Lord.